Mediumship brings together the world of the deceased with our world and facilitates communication between them. It provides opportunities for the deceased to pass on messages, to show that they continue to be with us and support us. Thereby, it enables us to perceive the eternal bond that remains, beyond death, with those that were part of our lives.

What exactly is evidential mediumship?

Mediumship presupposes that consciousness does not cease with physical death, that it is possible to enter into contact with the deceased, and that they wish to communicate.

Mediums who are able to get in touch with the deceased are called “evidential mediums”. Their work involves communicating with the deceased, and passing on the received information to the person that requests it.

To do this, evidential mediums adapt their energy in order to connect with a different kind of vibration to that of the physical world (Spiritualist National Union, 2014).

Mediumship & Connecting with Spirit,
Tony Stockwell (2012)

What mediumship is not

Mediumship is not clairvoyance. Mediums do not foresee the future.

Evidential mediumship, even though often therapeutic, is not and cannot replace psychotherapy.

Evidential reading

the essentials

The medium provides sufficiently clear and precise information concerning the departed so that you can identify them. This information will be given to you, without you even having to provide details of the deceased person.

Once your deceased person has been identified, the medium will pass on their messages.

The medium conveys the received information in a highly respectful manner, to you and the deceased person that communicates through her.

Mediumship being a rendering of visual, hearing and sensorial perceptions, every medium has his/her own sensitivity and way of proceeding.

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Research Institutes

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"Passed Away does not mean Gone"

– Thich Nhat Hanh