Since having been able to use the word medium to describe my own acute sensitivity, I have been driven by a profound desire to train as a medium, taking courses with the medium Sarah d’Urso in Wallis, L’Atelier Infini in Lausanne, L’Ecole Prisma in Geneva and, for several years now, at the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted (UK).

I have recently been certified in both demonstrating mediumship and public speaking by the Spiritualists’ National Union, an authority which trains and qualifies mediums in England and worldwide.

This experience has taught me that mediumship supports two worlds: it gives a voice to the deceased, an opportunity to give messages to their loved ones. It enables a person here below to receive the enlightened perspective of people they have lost.

When bereavement is hard to bear, we sometimes have a deep need to feel the presence of those who have passed away, hear their advice and comforting words. Mediumship makes this possible, enabling a bond to be recreated with those who were part of our lives, and thus to feel less alone. It helps us to continue our paths, being reassured that those deceased are still with us and willing to assist us.

I feel privileged to be able to experience this connection. I am aware of the responsibility that this entails. Therefore and to this day, I keep on striving to find the most suitable words, to pass on what I receive in the best way possible, with maximum respect for the deceased people, and for the person who comes to see me.

Readings in English and/or French by appointment.

Readings are confidential. They are subject to the ethical rules inspired by my profession as a psychologist.

I apply a delay of six months before granting a second appointment to the same person, in order to allow optimal integration of the given information and avoid the risk of an eventual dependency.

Fee and structure

of a reading

CHF 120.-

for a reading

45 min.

for a reading

The reading is individual.

First of all, I will connect myself to your energy, or that which defines you and underlines your life, and then enter into contact with one of your deceased persons.

The choice of a deceased person beforehand is not possible…the parted one who comes will be the one who decides to come, and from my experience, the one that has something relevant to say!

After 10 minutes or so, if no contact is established, I will close the reading, without charge.

Those who wish to record the reading, can do so.

Any missed appointment, or any appointment not cancelled at least 48 hours in advance are due. For Monday appointments, cancellations must be notified at noon the latest, on the preceding Friday.


Some of my clients have accepted to give me their feedback, and authorized me to put it on line. I am deeply grateful to them.

"Death is but a bend on the road of life leading to the infinite"

– Arthur Findlay’s Memorial, Stansted